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The Sproutify Supply Co. Story

Hi, I'm Henry. I'm a travel enthusiast, entrepreneur, software developer by day and lover of all things growing and green - especially sprouts and microgreens!

Since my teenage years, when I started my first job at a plant nursery in my hometown, I have been in love with plants of all types. In high school, I even amassed an embarassingly-large collection of cacti and succulents as I took my fascination with cool and exotic plants a bit too far.

During college is when I became more conscious of the food I eat. I learned the value of growing my own food to save money because organic options were either expensive or hard to find where I lived in rural Vermont. This led me to discover sprouts and microgreens, which are simple to grow at home and allowed me to quickly grow delicious, nutrient-dense food without much space.

I started Sproutify Supply Co. to share the fun and satisfaction I feel when growing my own sprouts at home and to help other sprouts growers access the highest-quality, organic and non-GMO sprouting and microgreens seeds and sustainably-sourced sprouting supplies that I can find.

From my time in various Facebook groups and online sprouting communities, I have seen that there is a whole community of sprout growers out there who love to share their passion. One of the most common questions which newcomers ask in these groups is, "Where do I get sprouting seeds?"

Sproutify Supply Co. is working to answer that question by providing a line of high-germinating sprouting seeds which are always certified organic and non-GMO, and grown inside the United States as much as possible. I am currently preparing the launch of Sproutify Supply Co. sprouting seeds. Join the email list to stay up-to-date until we launch in early summer.

Sprouts and microgreens are easy and fun to grow, and growing at home is always cheaper than buying sprouts at the store. Plus, since you know exactly what conditions your food is grown in, you can be 100% certain of the quality and purity of the sprouts you eat.

The added benefit of growing sprouts and microgreens at home is that they are low-maintenance, almost no-mess, and take up very little space. You can simply set them by your window or on the kitchen counter and watch them grow. They don't need direct sunlight and, after soaking your sprouting seeds, they require only about 5 minutes of work per day and are ready in around 7 days (10-14 days for microgreens). 

For those just getting started with sprouting or experienced and looking to learn more, consider joining the Sproutify Supply Co. email list. There I share regular updates and tips & tricks for sprouting and advance notice before we launch new products or seed varieties.

All members of the email list get access to our special guide to the Top 5 Sprouting Mistakes and also receive a 15% welcome coupon just for joining! 

I also offer a How-to-Sprout Guide for anyone just getting starting. Happy growing!


You can always email us with questions you have when growing sprouts or microgreens! 

Have comments, questions or ideas about how Sproutify Suppy Co. can improve? Send an email to support@sproutifysupply.com.

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